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What Clients Say About Axela Technologies

Martin @ mem Property Management

Since partnering with Axela, our associations have seen a significant  spike in collections activity, without being handed a huge legal bill. And we get to take all the credit.

Martin, mem Property Management

Russel Munz @ Community Financials

Axela Technologies provides a cost effective, no risk solution to collect delinquent HOA and Condo assessments. Improve your collection process before the next economic downturn by adding Axela to your toolbox.

Russel, Community Financials

David @ PMI Gulf Coast

Axela is a partner with Property Management Inc. (PMI) and has provided great service in working with our managers that need assistance in collection within their managed associations. I highly recommend you contact Mitch Drimmer and look into their services!

David, PMI Gulf Coast

Taylor @ Echo Brickell

Axela has successfully collected on more than half of the accounts assigned to them very quickly after management struggled to obtain timely responses from those same owners. Those accounts that remain open continue to be funded in full each month.

Taylor, Echo Brickell

Laura @ Palmetto Lakes

Thank you Axela team for the wonderful job you did on collecting several debts owed to our Association. Your work was swift and hassle free for us. No cost to us and those collected from have not voiced any complaints about your collection process. We are very happy with your service and will keep you on "speed dial" for use in the future.

Laura, Palmetto Lakes

Mary @ Coronado Towers

Axela works with complete transparency, engages the delinquent members in a helpful and respectful manner, and should be considered the standard of operational excellence in the community association and collections field.

Mary, Coronado Towers

Fabio @PMI Top Florida

Axela has taken this burden completely off of our shoulders, and more importantly, consistently gets the job done. We start seeing results right away from every community that Axela works with, and have grown accustomed to receiving regular payments as they collect from delinquent owners.

Fabio, PMI Top Florida Properties

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