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Best Practices For Collections

Collections For HOAs/Condos

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Seamless Synchronization

Axela connects to your accounting software. We will eliminate the task of collections from your community manager’s work load.


Axela leverages technology to substantially reduce the delinquency rate in your community associations by increasing efficiency.

Industry Experts

We have Qualified and Certified Collection Professionals with years of experience. Applying collections “know how” to recover money faster.


Axela is fully compliant with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Axela's Suite of Products


Effective Best Practices Collections

With our Easy Collect™ program the collection process begins immediately. It starts with an initial demand letter, outbound calls, domestic call center, credit bureau reporting, and liens filed.

AR Snapshot

Accounts Receivables Snapshot

A concise and easy to read report for board members and managers that conveys information about the total market value of a property, equity in units, delinquency analysis, and much more

Having the numbers and trends laid out every month gives an advanced warning if your association is heading into dangerous budget busting territory. Having this information is the key to avoiding special assessments and maintenance fee increases.


Collections & Delinquency Funding

Our Homeowner Assessment Assurance Program™ provides Delinquency Funding that assures your association can function, eliminating any cash-flow issues.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Rewarding good payers and establishing consequences for delinquent owners

Just as credit card companies and other consumer creditors will report delinquent and on time payments to credit bureaus, so too can a community association now. This is a brand-new process that will cause condo and HOA members to reevaluate the importance of their obligations to their community association.

Post Foreclosure Recovery

Recovery of Bad Debt Write Offs

Has your association written off bad debt due to a bank foreclosure? Most of this debt can be pursued and recovered. No Cost-No Risk…Total Contingency.

Lender Analytics

Providing insight data you wont find anywhere else.

Axela’s Lender Analytics is a data aggregation service for lenders to Community Associations. We use both property level data and an Association’s accounting records to provide a clear picture of the perceived risk profile.

Technology-Based Collection Solutions For Your Condo or HOA

Benefit all stakeholders including Community Associations, Property Managers, Boards of Directors, and all members of your Condo or HOA.

Seamless Collections

AXELA becomes the authorized assignee of the collections account, and recovers your funds directly from the owner. We respectfully engage the unit owner making outbound calls, payment demands via mail, cause liens to be placed, and reporting to credit bureaus.

Compatibility with Community Software

Axela is compatible with many popular community software platforms like TOPS software. Let us demonstrate how this type integration can eliminate the headaches delinquencies give your board of directors and community association managers.

Automatic Funding

With our Homeowner Assessment Assurance Program (HAAP) units are funded immediately. Then the collections process begin. The HAAP Program may provide funding that assures your association can function properly, eliminating any cash-flow issues.

Complete Transparency

Axela is completely merit based. There are no out of pocket expenses or hidden fees. From the time of unit submission to when a unit is released, your Community Association will NEVER receive a bill for our services.

Industry Statistics

According to the Community Association Institute, nationwide over 5% of unit owners are delinquent in their payments to their Condos or HOAs.
Somebody has to pay for this shortfall

0 Billion

In maintenance fees are assessed by community associations every year.

0 Million

Go uncollected every year due to process inefficiencies.


Our Process in 4 easy steps

Simplicity and transparency is one of our most important goals.
  • 1


    Reviewing the ledger, skip tracing, reading the governing documents

  • 2


    Engaging the delinquent owner
    Outbound calls, letters, and notifications.

  • 3


    Liens Placed on unit by attorney.

  • 4


    Payment(s) made. Unit ledger is released back to association