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Axela is a unique hybrid of a technology company and a HOA Collection Agency. We focus exclusively on the community association industry. In order for Condo and HOA collections to be successful, action must be taken quickly and information must be accurate. We integrate with various accounting software so that we can gather the data required to begin a collections file. Once we have a roster of delinquent units, we begin an intensive underwriting process. We gather thousands of data points from our integration partners to have a complete picture of what position the delinquent unit and it’s owner are in. Our processes range from calculating the value of a property, to determining if its in an equity position, to skip tracing a unit owner to locate where they are and their financial position. Our focus is on community association capital recovery. We use the latest in skip tracing technology, and credit reporting. We engage your HOA members in a respectful manner to resolve your cash flow issues. When owners are not paying their assessments you need a HOA collection agency NOT a lawyer.
A HOA collection agency must be FDCPA compliant, first and foremost. At Axela we automate as many steps as possible to insure efficiency and reliability. However, our outbound calls, which we consider one of the most significant components of our HOA collections process, is done by a live and highly trained customer service representative. There are certain things that are best done by a person with the human touch that a computer cannot do. We offer our clients credit bureau reporting that gives owners the incentive owners to pay. This practice increases the status of a HOA maintenance fee to that of credit cards and car payments. The goal is simple: Recover the association's money as quickly as possible at no cost to the good paying owners. When it come to an HOA collection agency... good enough is not nearly enough.
Trained Agents
Online Access
Resolution Tools
Deferred Cost

We have built a robust application that seamlessly integrates with your accounting system


Creating an account takes just a few minutes and is the easiest way to solicit a funding proposal. Simply upload your accounting records or, if you use software from one of our integration partners, input your access key and we will fetch the data automatically.

Fast Follow up

One of our funding specialists will contact you within 24 hours of creating your account to review your file in detail.

Inmediate Action

We are ready to get to work collecting your accounts right away. If you’ve submitted a funding proposal, approval usually takes 2-3 business days, and funding immediately upon approval.

What are your options with Axela


Effective Best Practices Collections

With our Easy Collect™ program the collection process begins immediately. It starts with an initial demand letter, outbound calls, domestic call center, credit bureau reporting, and liens filed.

Foreclosing Lender Assessment Guarantee (FLAG)

Perfect Cash-Flow Solution.

Axela’s Foreclosure Lender Assessment Guarantee program (FLAG) will fund all the maintenance fees (and special assessments) after a lender forecloses and takes title to a property. Often the banks do not pay maintenance fees until they sell the property. Axela will replicate a perfect cash-flow scenario for the Association.

Post Foreclosure Recovery

Recovery of Bad Debt Write Offs

Has your association written off bad debt due to a bank foreclosure? Most of this debt can be pursued and recovered. No Cost-No Risk…Total Contingency.


Collections & Delinquency Funding

Our Homeowner Assessment Assurance Program™ provides Delinquency Funding that assures your association can function, eliminating any cash-flow issues.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Rewarding good payers and establishing consequences for delinquent owners

Just as credit card companies and other consumer creditors will report delinquent and on time payments to credit bureaus, so too can a community association now. This is a brand-new process that will cause condo and HOA members to reevaluate the importance of their obligations to their community association.

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