Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how Easy Collect™ works.

What is Easy Collect™?

Easy Collect is Axela’s flagship collections platform designed to be easy, automated, efficient, at no cost and no risk to your community association. The goal is to recover and collect all the association’s money.

Why Easy Collect™?

Easy Collect gives your association a new option when it comes to collecting delinquent assessments. Typically, when units go delinquent, associations simply send these files to their community association attorney. Now with Easy Collect, the association can choose to send the delinquent file to professionals who manage a collections process as opposed to a legal process. Easy Collect is merit based, meaning if we do not collect our fees from the delinquent owner the association does not have to pay.

How is Easy Collect™ different from other collection agencies?

Easy Collect is not only merit based but our fees are based on your governing documents. Our collection fees to the delinquent owner are the equivalent to the late fees and late interest your association can charge as per your governing documents. Other collection agencies often add burdensome “junk fees” to their collection cases or take a percentage of the amounts collected.

How is it possible that you can say, “If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid?”

Axela works to recover all collection fees from the delinquent unit owner, subsequent purchaser or foreclosing bank on behalf of the association. If we cannot recover these fees we will NOT charge the association. That is how confident we are that our process works. Good enough is NOT enough and the association is served best when our interests are aligned.

We have always used our community association attorney to collect our delinquent fees, why should we change now?

Attorneys typically handle a legal process, not a collections process. If your goal is to litigate and foreclose, then an attorney is the right choice. If your goal is to collect the money that is owed to your community, then a specialized collections company such as Axela is a more effective and efficient solution.

What if we want to cancel...What is your cancellation policy?

Our agreement can be cancelled at any time. However, upon any termination, units already in collections with Axela will continue to be serviced by Axela until resolution.

Are there any hidden costs or setup fees?

No. Aside for the late interest and late fees charged to the delinquent owner by the association the only other costs are $150.00 for the underwriting, and if we get to the stage that we need to have an attorney place a lien on a unit there is a $300.00 charge. Keep in mind that these fees and costs are passed on to the delinquent owner so if we do not recover them the association is not responsible. It’s all in our agreement. Our fees are deferred and at our risk.

On average, how long does it take for you to have a delinquency resolved?

Our average recovery time is 67 days. Through our process, we can bring certain units to resolution quickly. However, other units may have to wait for a first mortgagee to foreclose or complete a short sale. Our goal is to engage the owner to bring about a better resolution for all parties and work to maximize the amount recovered for the association.

Can you take units that are at our lawyer’s office now and place them into your program?

Yes. Be sure to provide us any costs or fees you have paid for (or been billed for) collections so we can add them to the ledger (if not already done) and we will work to collect them as part of the overall collection.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes.  We are a fully licensed consumer collections agency in each state in which we operate.