You have questions and we have answers.

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how our services work.

What is Easy Collect™?

Easy Collect is Axela’s flagship collections platform designed to be easy, automated, efficient, at no cost and no risk to your community association. The goal is to recover and collect all the association’s money.

How is Easy Collect™ different from other collection agencies?

Easy Collect is not only merit based but our fees are based on your governing documents. Our collection fees to the delinquent owner are the equivalent to the late fees and late interest your association can charge as per your governing documents. Other collection agencies often add burdensome “junk fees” to their collection cases or take a percentage of the amounts collected.

We have always used our community association attorney to collect our delinquent fees, why should we change now?

Attorneys typically handle a legal process, not a collections process. If your goal is to litigate and foreclose, then an attorney is the right choice. If your goal is to collect the money that is owed to your community, then a specialized collections company such as Axela is a more effective and efficient solution.

What if we want to cancel...What is your cancellation policy?

Our agreement can be cancelled at any time. However, upon any termination, units already in collections with Axela will continue to be serviced by Axela until resolution.

Are there any hidden costs or setup fees?

No. Aside for the late interest and late fees charged to the delinquent owner by the association the only other costs are $150.00 for the underwriting, and if we get to the stage that we need to have an attorney place a lien on a unit there is a $300.00 charge. Keep in mind that these fees and costs are passed on to the delinquent owner so if we do not recover them the association is not responsible. It’s all in our agreement. Our fees are deferred and at our risk.

On average, how long does it take for you to have a delinquency resolved?

Our average recovery time is 67 days. Through our process, we can bring certain units to resolution quickly. However, other units may have to wait for a first mortgagee to foreclose or complete a short sale. Our goal is to engage the owner to bring about a better resolution for all parties and work to maximize the amount recovered for the association.

Can you take units that are at our lawyer’s office now and place them into your program?

Yes. Be sure to provide us any costs or fees you have paid for (or been billed for) collections so we can add them to the ledger (if not already done) and we will work to collect them as part of the overall collection.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes.  We are a fully licensed consumer collections agency in each state in which we operate.

What is HAAP?

HAAP stands for Homeowner Assessment Assurance Program and is used to replicate a perfect cash flow scenario for your community association. When a delinquent owner fails to pay their assessments, Axela will advance the shortfall to the association, which can use the funds in any way they please.

Is HAAP a loan to the association?

No. The funding of delinquent assessments is not a loan. It is simply an advance against your accounts receivables, and if we cannot recover our money from the delinquent owner Axela will take the loss.

This sounds “too good to be true.” How can Axela advance money and the association NOT be responsible for its repayment?

Axela will only advance money on units where we are confident that we will recover our money when the delinquency is settled out.  We are able to do this thanks to our proprietary technology which can accurately predict the probability of recovery for individual accounts.

What happens if Axela does not recover the capital that has been advanced?

If Axela does not recover its capital, then it is totally at our risk and we will take a loss. However, you can be sure that we will do a very thorough underwriting of the unit and unit owner before we will process a payment to the association.

What does the underwriting process entail?

Axela is a technology company and data aggregation is our forte. All of this happens “under the hood” and does not require any physical data exchange with the association.  Once the underwriting process is completed we will send you a funding proposal before we ask you to sign any agreement.

If the unit remains delinquent will you continue to fund the shortfall?

Yes.  And we will continue to fund the unit so long as it passes our underwriting parameters.

Do you charge interest for this funding?

No. HAAP is only provided in tandem with our Easy Collect program, and the charges for this program are the equivalent to the late fees and late interest the association can charge a delinquent owner. There are no hidden fees, charges, service fees, application fees, points, or setup fees beyond what Easy Collect charges.

On average, how long does it take for you to have a delinquency resolved?

Our average recovery time is 67 days. Through our process, we can bring certain units to resolution quickly. However, other units may have to wait for a first mortgagee to foreclose or complete a short sale. Our goal is to engage the owner to bring about a better resolution for all parties and work to maximize the amount recovered for the association.

If we engage your company for the Easy Collect program do, must we take the HAAP funding?

No. If your association only wants us to collect your money from delinquent owners then we do not have to fund the collection shortfalls. The funding from HAAP is voluntary to your association.

What is AR Snapshot?

Accounts Receivable Snapshot or AR Snapshot is a data aggregation service that is provided to community association by Axela Technologies. It may be provided on a monthly basis and conveys to the manager and boards of director’s information that cannot be found on standard accounting and financial reports.

How is the information from this report different from information we are already receiving?

For starters, you’re probably limited to looking at the following financial statements on a regular basis:

  • Balance Sheet, which is statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of your condo or HOA at a point in time.
  • Income Statement, which reports the revenues and expenses of an organization.
  • Cash Flow Statement, which shows how changes in balance sheet accounts and income affect cashand cash equivalents, and breaks the analysis down to operating, and financing activities


The other set if data and analytics Axela’s AR Snapshot provides are as follows:

  • The total market value of the property (community association).
  • The total equity in all the combined units of the association.
  • The average equity per unit.
  • The number of units that are absent of equity.
  • The average mortgage balance of all the units in the community association.
  • The single largest mortgage balance.
  • The number of active delinquent units.
  • The average delinquency amounts.
  • The aging of the delinquency amount.
  • The largest delinquency.
  • The annual change in delinquencies.
  • The monthly change in delinquencies and what the trend is.
  • Of the all the delinquent units how many have equity and how many do not have equity


AR Snapshot will review all these data points and on a balanced scale determine a score of how your community association is standing regarding delinquent accounts. AR Snapshot is a critical tool in giving you the hindsight of telling you where you were, the foresight of letting you know where you are headed, and the insight so you can decide what to do about it.

How is it that Axela can provide us with such a great deal of critical information?

Our proprietary software platform reaches out far and wide into public domain sites and retrieves information on each single unit in your community association, and we analyze that data and put it all in a very easy to understand report that clearly conveys this critical information. We will need access to your accounting records to provide a complete AR Snapshot.

Is it not intrusive for the board and management to have all this information on individual units?

Not at all. All the information obtained is available on public sites and is then it is analyzed using highly sophisticated algorithms so that your manager and board of directors can know the position of your community association. Always keep in mind that although your condo or HOA may be your home, it is first and foremost a business and having this data is crucial to proper governance.

What is the cost of AR Snapshot to the community association?

Contact us to discuss pricing. Customers that sign up for one of our other service offerings often receive our AR Snapshot for at no cost.

Does Axela Technologies need Social Security Numbers or other personal information to be able to report?

Absolutely not. Axela does not require such detailed information from the association or management company. The information required is tied to the unit owner and property address, both of which are publicly available information.

How does the reporting protocol work?

The reporting process is fully automated and reliant on the information provided by the association or management company. Axela has back-end integrations with various community association management software programs and these connections allows us to seamlessly Maggregate the information required by the credit bureaus. . This does not interfere with the management company or cause them any additional work.

What is required to begin the process of reporting to credit bureaus?

If Axela is already integrated with your community association’s software platform we can begin reporting as soon as the agreements are signed. If not, we simply need the association or management company to send us the unit ledgers.

Is It a requirement that the condo or HOA notify members that they will be reported to credit bureaus?

Yes. When an association signs up for this service every member of the association must be notified in writing before we can proceed with credit bureau reporting.

What credit bureaus are you sending in reports to?

The only bureau currently accepting association payment data is Equifax. It is our opinion that the two other major agencies will soon follow suit.

Is reporting consumers to the credit bureau permitted under the law?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows this type of information to be reported. As a matter of fact, they even encourage it as it provides them with more data to be able to assess an accurate credit score.

If there are no late payers in our association why do we need to have this program?

If your association does not have delinquencies we want to congratulate you on the excellent job you have been doing. We also want to reward the good paying owners with positive marks on their credit reports. Community associations get new owners every month so with this program you are assured that this good behavior will continue. Keep up the good work and let’s try together to keep the financial integrity of your association in excellent shape.

How long does it take Axela Technologies to address a dispute by a community association member?

Axela will address a dispute within 7 days of notification that there is an issue. We are given 30 days under FCRA Rules to address these disputes, but our policy is to try and get these issues resolved in a week or less. Most of these disputes are handled by Axela so that the management companies are not burdened with this task.

What is the smallest community association that you will accept for this program?

There are no size restrictions. We accept communities with 5 of 5,000 units.

What about rental units, can they be reported for non-payment?

No, our program only deals with unit owners.

Does Axela report to the community association management companies the reports made, and actions taken?

Management companies will receive a report every three month. Reports can also be delivered on demand.

Who determines when a member of the association is delinquent and needs to be reported to the credit bureau?

It’s up to the board of directors to establish a Uniform Collections Policy to determine what the parameters of when a unit is delinquent. We will dial in your policy and only report those delinquent units when the board determines they are in arrears.

My association has a quarterly pay period so how come you are reporting monthly?

No matter what the pay period is we report monthly as that is how we have engineered our system.

Who is Axela Technologies?

Axela Technologies specializes primarily in collection-related services for community associations. Our propriety platform pulls from various data sources which provides extensive insight into the state of a community association’s financial position. This information cannot be ascertained from the standard financial reports provided by the manager or association accountant.

What type of information can you provide a bank that cannot be obtained from standard financial reports?

Our reports break down the following data on a per-unit basis: estimated market value, original mortgage amount, mortgage date, estimated outstanding mortgage balance, assessment balance, assessment aging, loan-to-value, last sale date, last sale amount. This information can then be easily sorted or manipulated to meet the needs of the recipient.

Can we receive a sample of the reports that you provide?


Why would this information that you provide be beneficial in a risk analysis for a community association loan?

We believe it is crucial for a lender to determine whether a Condo or HOA has adequate cash flow to service the proposed loan. Community Associations that have a large percentage of units with limited  or no equity  present an important risk to the lender. Less equity means more risk of unit owners not paying their special assessments and associations being unable to pay their obligations on time. Also, it is important to see the acceleration in sales of a building to see if owners have been selling and departing the property. This is a red flag that lets a borrower know when a property may be failing and knowing the price fluctuations is critical to ascertaining the risk involved.

What is the cost of this service and what is the time frame in getting the report?

The very first report for a single lender is provided at NO COST. We want to earn your business.  After that we charge $1.00 per unit (minimum $250.00) for these reports. The reports can be generated and delivered within 48 hours upon request and payment.

What is Post Foreclosure Recovery?

Post Foreclosure Recovery is Axela’s collections service that recovers amounts due to the association that have probably already been written off as uncollectable. If a unit owner has been foreclosed, either by the community association or the first mortgage holder, chances are that they owe the association money for past due maintenance fees. In most cases the foreclosure did NOT extinguish that debt, and if put into our Post Foreclosure Recovery program, it could be recovered.

How much will this service cost?

This collection service is strictly on a contingency basis. There is no setup fee, hidden fees, application fees, plainly said there are no fees at all to the association. Upon a successful collection event the association will receive 50% of the proceeds of the collection.

What if we have already written off this debt?

Just because you have already written off this debt does not mean that it is uncollectible. We can still pursue the debtor for what is owed to the association.

Is there a time frame to collect that money?

Yes, depending on the state there is a statute of limitations which could be anywhere of 5-7 years, depending on the state.

What actions do you take to recover the money?

We take tradition collection actions that are fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. For example, we will verify the debt, perform a skip trace, send an initial demand letter, make out-bound calls, report the debtor to the credit bureaus, and continue to engage the debtor to encourage them to pay their obligations.

Is there any situation that the association may be responsible for any costs or fees?


What are the chances that you will recover this money for the association?

Right now, if you do not put these debts into collections the odds that you will see any of those debts paid back to the association are zero. The chances that we will recover this debt for you are greater than zero. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Don’t leave money on the table.

What is Foreclosure Lender Assessment Guarantee?

All too often banks will foreclose on a unit and not pay the association any maintenance fees or special assessments until they sell the unit. This could leave the association hanging for months or even a year or two. FLAG is a new program by which Axela will fund those maintenance fees and special assessments at no cost to the association. On top of that, when the bank finally does pay what they owe, we will pursue the old owner for amounts “written off” association for unpaid maintenance fees, lawyer fees, administrative costs, and other debts owed. Axela will do this on a contingency basis with no out of pocket expenses to the association.

How much interest does the association pay for the funding of the maintenance fees they are advancing?

Nothing. Axela earns its fee by collecting the equivalent of the late fees and interest that is charged to the delinquent owner.  No fees, no costs, no lawyers…just a perfect cash flow scenario.

If you are also going to pursue the old owner for what they owe and you manage to collect what is the split?

The split is 50/50.  We believe that until that money is deemed uncollectable, the association should have a licensed collection agency like Axela try and recover that money.

Who is Axela?

Axela is a hybrid technology company, specialty finance firm, and collection agency whose only focus is recovering and funding delinquencies for condos and HOAs. We are a national firm and our staff are only the best and brightest in the collections and community association industry. We are mission focused and determined to stabilize your community association’s cash flow.

When can we get started?

Contact us and we will have our business development team contact you within one day to further explain the program and send you an agreement for your review.

We already use a lawyer for our collections why should we use you?

When was the last time that a lawyer wrote a check for a debt owed to your association?

Do you have any additional questions?